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  • Huaming Jaguar C93 Series
Huaming Jaguar C93 Series

Huaming Jaguar C93 Series

  • ART NO:Huaming Jaguar C93 Series
  • Frame:High-carbon steel
  • Motor:48V1000W
  • Battery:48V 20ah
  • Description: Very cool new design,Front hydraulic Dual suspension,Rear dual suspension,48V20AH large-capacity battery with ultra-long distance range..

Detachable large-capacity lithium battery electric bicycle with key lock

1.48V/20Ah high-capacity lithium battery: fast charging: only 4-8 hours. Fully charged, it can travel 50 kilometers in pure electric mode and 80 kilometers in pedal-assisted mode (PAS).

2. Detach and move with key lock. There are two charging methods, which can be directly charged in the car, or the battery can be disassembled to charge indoors or outdoors, meeting all the expectations of long-distance riding!

1000w Powerful Brushless Motor
Provides a steady stream of power when you ride fast or climb hills. So it can take you through jungles, steep slopes and beaches.

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