Electric sharing bike

  • Huaming Electric sharing bike E01 Series
Huaming Electric sharing bike E01 Series

Huaming Electric sharing bike E01 Series

  • ART NO:Huaming Electric sharing bike E01 Series
  • Frame:Aluminium 24/26
  • Motor:250W 36V
  • Battery:36V, 10A,anti-theft
  • Description: 1.The bikes frame is made of high quality light weight aluminum alloy 2.The bike has an Anti-theft screws for protecting the bike from being stolen 3.The bike has Anti-rust protections with 28 paten

1. Electric sharing bike is for people to rent and ride in the city or in a restricted area like a university, or a certain environment.

2. The Electric sharing bike has a bike sharing system that can be connected with Bluetooth smart locker and GPS tracking function, the management system and APP. Users can use the bike by scanning the QR code on the bike to unlock the bike.

3. According to client’s requirements, the bike’s frame can be steel or aluminum alloy. And the size can also be chose by the client. The color and logo can be customized.

Product feature

1.  This public bike design will make riding more comfortable and the front basket makes it comfortable when going for shopping.  

2. The front and rear hub is made with a quality alloy, it has a double wall rim, quality disc brake, plastic pedal shimano free wheel, leader saddle and made with high quality shaft drive .

3. The Fenders can be used for advertisements, clients’ logos.

4. The inner-wires frame is to avoid the bike being destroyed by people.

5. The shaft has an anti-rust shaft protection system and cannot spoil easily




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